Remote Reiki, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing.


Heal, relax and recharge.

Hi there, thank you for being here. My name is Nadia, I am a qualified Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and EFT practioner.  I am very passionate about energy healing as it helped me incredibly with my own healing journey. Having gone through struggles, trauma and chronic health issues myself I am able to deeply empathise with my clients and I create a safe supported energetic space during each session.

I offer distant sessions worldwide so you can receive Reiki or Crystal Reiki in the comfort of your own home. I would love to support and empower you with Reiki wherever you may be on your spiritual or healing journey.

Reiki is a gentle yet transformative holistic healing modality which can support and help with many things. It works on the mind, body and spirit to bring healing and restore balance. The sessions are all 1:1 and personalised and tailored to your healing needs, intentions and goals.

We live in such a fast paced world and it can sometimes be hard to feel relaxed or balanced, either physically or mentally. Receiving Reiki is a form of self-care, it allows you to put aside some time for yourself to deeply relax, feel rejuvenated and ease any stress or tension from your mind and body and to release the things that don't serve your highest good. 


If you are interested please check out my services tab, or email me at

I look forward to connecting with you.

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Kara P

"My distance reiki session was super relaxing and I could feel the connection of our energies even though thousands of miles of apart. I could feel you releasing and balancing the chakras up my body. Your description of each of the chakras afterwards was very helpful and a perfect start to my day."

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Jasmine B

"Had a wonderful healing session! Nadia picked up on all the imbalances I was feeling and came through with a beautiful radiant light. I could see so many colours swirling around and so much emotion, I feel like I've gotten my spark back. A beautiful session thank you! Will absolutely be back for more!"

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